Double Beach with a sea lighthouse

The Peristera is a small wooded island in Halkidiki with a rich seabed, where the many different substrates live dozens of rare species. The island is located in Vourvourou area, and is part of the “lacy” group of islands and peninsulas in the area. Between Diaporos island and the mainland, at the northern entrance of the natural bay of Vourvourou, the Peristera is the first entry point into the bay for many animals that come from the north and east of the Gulf of Mount Athos. The north coast is steeper, while to the south created a dual sandy beach and nearby are two smaller islands. The total coastline of the island is no more than one kilometer.


The area is famous for its rich biodiversity and this is due to vaginal morphology and the undersea environment. The seabed in the south is sandy and muddy with large seagrass meadows and goes down slowly to 15 meters. Going north, the seabed is rocky with large and small stones and reaching the north side descends more steeply to 30 meters. So within a short distance one can navigate in a variety of underwater habitats hosting dozens of rare species.


Sand live impressive kerianthoi other anemones, while slightly below the bottom there are many bivalves. Among the flora of the seabed, one can find seahorses, big lips, herds mainoules many small invertebrates. Under small rocks hiding dozens of species of nudibranchs, as remarkably Chromodoris luteorosea and Chromodoris purpurea and large numbers of kypriotides kind Luria lurida. To the north lies a large variety of sponges kind Verongia aerophoba with many small species living in symbiosis with the sponges. The conditions of the calm, protected and warm waters, creating ideal breeding conditions for many species of fish. Often in the bay entering large shoals of sardines, anchovies and smelt, followed by their predators are mainly bass, hunters and various tuna like flails. Finally common is the presence of Mediterranean seals that come to the area to hunt the caves of Mount Athos, where they reside.


Indeed, splash around Peristera, whether diving or snorkelling, is unique at the same time one can watch flocks of sardines to feed and be hunted, huge harmless jellyfish swimming next to you, sea cucumbers reproduce and dozens of colorful creatures to slowly walk on the bottom.